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Layer Pads
Layer Pads

The UK's leading manufacturer of cardboard layer pads.

A&S Farm Services Ltd
A&S Farm Services Ltd

A&S Farm Services Ltd is a high quality supplier of materials and services in th...

Wholesale Packaging Ltd
Wholesale Packaging Ltd

Wholesale Packaging are leading packaging suppliers - cardboard boxes,cartons a...

Elstree Storage
Elstree Storage

Elstree Storage have a huge supply of watertight,secure self storage units for ...

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In a world where web hosting companies seem to be solely focused on attracting as many clients as possible and offering pretty basic (at best) customer service,myWeb excel in being able to provide truly personable and f...

Saheer Cassim
Team Scorpio

Everyone does web hosting these days but it's only when you're live that you understand the value of a good web host. MyWeb has been awesome to put it in a simple way! We contacted them,got an immediate response,trigge...

SnowBird Labs

myWeb allows us to concentrate on our core business with their managed hosting,It makes us feel so comfortable knowing that the support is there when needed - and we don't need to make them coffee!I've been very pleas...

Denis McGrath
Wholesale Packaging Ltd
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