Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Card

We provide a safe and secure payment method to process credit / debit card via our website,our payment solution is PCI compliant and served over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption,keeping all of your confidential information safe and secure.

Cards Accepted: Visa,Mastercard,American Express
UK Customer Service:
Provider: sFTP Client Ltd

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Credit / Debit Card


PayPal is an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods,such as checks and money orders.

Founded: June 1998
Cards Accepted: Solo,Maestro,Visa,Visa Debit,Mastercard,JCB,American Express,Discover,Diners Club
UK Customer Service: +44(0)800 358 7911 |
Founders: Peter Thiel,Luke Nosek,Elon Musk,Ken Howery,Max Levchin


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Apple Pay

Easily pay with your debit cards and credit cards with just a touch. And because your card details are never shared by Apple when you use Apple Pay,making purchases with your iPhone,Apple Watch,iPad and Mac is the safer,more private way to pay.

Founded: April 1976
Cards Accepted: Visa,Mastercard,American Express (selected banks only)
UK Customer Service: +44(0)800 107 6285 |
Founders: Steve Jobs,Ronald Wayne,Steve Wozniak

Apple Pay

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Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency. This currency is exchanged digitally and managed by a peer-to-peer network,rather than a central bank or authority. The supply of Bitcoins is automated and released to mining servers; with a limit of 21 million Bitcoins being reached by 2140.

Introduced: January 2009
Currency: BTC
Invented By: Satoshi Nakamoto


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